Our Work

Striving to provide a level ground of opportunity
to the least privileged

In our work, we are cognizant of this situation and we strive to provide a level ground of opportunity to the least privileged to have a fair opportunity at escaping poverty.


We are committed to supporting every child to attain a competitive level of education according to his or her ability.  This is through covering full tuition/school fees for every child under our support from the time of enrolment to high school. Support for college education shall be provided depending on the availability of funds.

Spiritual Development

We believe that education without Christ makes a man a wise devil. To provide a well-rounded education, we offer evangelism and discipleship programs to children and youth under support, guided by the Lausanne doctrinal statement of faith.

Social Development

We expose, train, and mentor children and youth under our support in a broad range of activities for talent, skills, behavioral, and character development. We are also aware that these children are exposed to various life challenges resulting from the slum setting where they live. Several are exposed to sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Others are exposed to drugs and alcohol abuse. To support their healing, we offer psychosocial support to the children and where resources allow, to their parents.

Health Care

We make it our responsibility to ensure that children and youth under support are in good health physically and mentally. Through this, we offer treatment of common illnesses and additional health care services on a case-by-case basis.

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